Guidelines For Behaviour

Anyone who participates as a teacher, leader or instructor to train, educate or motivate athletes to compete in an athletic activity is a coach.

Goal Statement
Any coach participating in Basketball Ontario sanctioned events will be expected to adhere to Basketball Ontario's principles of Fair Play and the Coaches' Behavioural Guidelines.

Always model mature behaviour consistent with that of Basketball Ontario's Guidelines for Behaviour.

  • Be a leader, a positive influence and role model
  • Reward effort, Fair Play and commitment
  • Recognize and respect the differences in your athletes
  • Demonstrate respect for all individuals involved in the game
  • Always consider the physical and emotional well being of the athletes
  • Commuicate in a positive and rational manner
  • Respect and coach within the spirit of the game
  • Always attempt to contribute to the betterment of the game

Jr. Gryphons Development Program

In cooperation with the age-group convenor, coaches in the development program are expected to lead their teams in each practice/game session. All coaches will adhere to the Basketball Ontario's Guidelines for Behaviour.

Gryphons Rep Program

All coaches will adhere to the Basketball Ontario's Guidelines for Behaviour. The head coach is the person recognized by the Guelph Youth Basketball Association Board of Directors as having total responsibility for the team. The head coach can designate the duties he or she wishes the assistant coach(s) to perform. The coaches should formulate and agree upon practice procedures, responsibilities and game decisions in order to avoid dissension between the coaches and players.

Head coaches and assistant coaches must meet with the parents of the players on their team shortly after the teams are selected. At this meeting, the parents should be made aware of the mission, goals and philosophy of the program, the coaches objectives, the absences policy, the drugs/alcohol policy, the commitment level required and what the parents can do to help the coaches. The Board of Directors also strongly encourages another similar meeting (for Major Bantam age and under teams) in late January, or early February, for the same purpose.