Financial Assistance Program

Hoop Help Program

The Guelph Youth Basketball Association Hoop Help Program provides funds to assist families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Funds are available through an application process such that any child who wants to participate in the GYBA Jr. Gryphons Development or Gryphon Rep program will not be denied a place based on financial restraints.

Player's Name (required)

Parent/Guardian's Name (required)

Home Address (required)

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Plan to "give back". The plan can be either all financial (e.g. a plan with dates where you will pay back the full amount) OR all volunteer (e.g. plan outlining how the player and/or family members will volunteer to help with the development program, the Rep Program tournaments, etc.).

I acknowledge that the information contained on this application is accurate and correct. I hereby give permission to the Guelph Youth Basketball Association to verify this information. I understand that if any information on this application is found to be incorrect, my privilege of applying for financial assistance may be revoked. I understand that the Guelph Youth Basketball Association grants financial assistance on a case by case basis. Further, it depends on the club's current financial commitments, and can be revoked due to total assistance granted and past applications. I understand that completion of the commitments made in the plan to "give back" will be tracked by the Hoop Help Coordinator and the privilege of playing will be
withdrawn if those commitments are not kept.

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Applicants will be notified regarding the approval of their application within 10 working days of receipt of the application.