Gryphon Rep Program

About the GYBA Gryphons Rep Program

The GYBA Gryphons Rep Program is your local competitive basketball program sanctioned by the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA). Our main focus is on developing skill, character and a sense of community through the sport of basketball. Our program has over 220 competitive athletes representing Guelph on 20 competitive teams.

  • 2 Practices Per Week (1 to 2 hours in length)
  • 1 to 3 scheduled P3 practices throughout the season (see the GYBA Gryphons Peak Performance Program ("P3") section for more details)
  • Ontario Provincial Championship Tournament
  • Ontario Basketball League
  • GYBA Gryphon Invitational Tournament
  • 2 Other Tournaments and/or Exhibition Games
  • Certified Coaches with guest coaches from OUA, CIS, OBA and Canada Basketball

** The above items may not apply to every team, the coach of each team will consult with parents to decide what tournaments, games and leagues they will enter.

GYBA Gryphons Peak Performance Program ("P3")

The GYBA Gryphons Rep Program includes a skill development program called the GYBA Gryphons Peak Performance Program ("P3") that gives athletes of all ages and skill levels within our club access to high level coaching. The program has been developed to focus on the core skills and fundamentals that lay the foundation for more advanced play. These skills and fundamentals being:

  • Dribbling and Ball Handling
  • Passing and Receiving
  • Shooting and Rebounding
  • Attacking and Defending

In addition players will receive instruction on Mental Toughness, Speed & Conditioning and Proper Nutrition. These sessions are developed by the members of our coaches committee and are conducted by coaches that have been hand-picked due to their experience and quality. The criteria used to select Peak Performance coaches are as follows:

  • Minimum NCCP Level 2 or Equivalent
  • Proven ability to conduct specific age and ability level basketball practices under the direction and supervision of the club Program Director
  • Proven ability to obtain measureable results in athletes performance of the skills and fundamentals
  • Ability to work closely with GYBA Gryphons players and coaches