Spectators’ Behaviour Guidelines

Anyone watching a particular athletic activity or event whether sitting or standing is considered a spectator. A spectator may be a parent, relative, friend, teammate, opposing player, administrator or coach not directly involved in the game. Spectators are an important part of any athletic activity; however, they are not essential. Spectators should never influence the outcome of an event and must never pose a distraction to players, other spectators, timers, score keepers and referees.

Goal Statement
Any spectator watching a Basketball Ontario sanctioned event will be expected to adhere to the following Guidelines for Behaviour.

Always model mature behavior consistent with that of Basketball Ontario’s Guidelines for Behaviour.

  • Support the game of basketball
  • Stress the importance of participation
  • Avoid spectator-imposed pressures to win
  • Be supportive of the athlete, team, coach, opponents and officials
  • Maintain a supportive, constructive atmosphere conductive to personal development
  • Refrain from negative communications with players, coaches, the scorers’ table or game officials
  • Remain in the spectators’ section, and refrain from entering the playing area at any time